Thursday, September 23, 2004

Good Conversation

Everybody’s so mixed-up about love these days
Everybody’s trying to work it out in different ways
I don’t really need to know your aspirations
What I need from you is good conversation
To put my mind at ease

An old friend called the other day
Wasn’t quite sure what to say
Didn’t seem to know me anymore
Then I said,
“Don’t treat me like I’m someone new, I’m still the same one you used to talk to.”
But all I need from you friend, is good conversation
To put my mind at ease

Though it seems as if the world has come between us
And our lives don’t look the same
Though in the past you have shared all my happiness
Will you be there to share the pain?

Everyday I’m surrounded by a million voices from the sky
And they all have the same thing to say
Now what I need is something new
Is it something you can do?
To share in that kind of good conversation
That puts my mind at ease

Is it my imagination?
Can you see my frustration?
I don’t need this admiration
But I’m trying to be patient
All I’m looking for is good conversation

Is it my imagination?
Could this be my destination?
What I’m looking for is good conversation
All I’m asking for is good conversation
To put my mind at ease


At 7:54 PM, Blogger Purplish said...

Hmmm... let me see...

In the event that you need someone to talk to
I'm always here to help you through
A good conversation to keep you sane
To ease your mind and maybe ease the pain...

Hmmm...... make sense?

At 8:59 PM, Blogger teepsee said...

hmm.. makes perfect sense to me :)


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