Monday, June 19, 2006

Sayang... ?

Say you've been discussing wedding arrangements with your fiancee for the past three months. And all of a sudden, he doesn't want to even know you anymore. You cannot, for the life of you figure out why, until he tells you it's because he found out that you're no longer a virgin.

"What difference does it make?" You ask. "I'm still the same person you wanted to marry."

"No, you aren't," says your fiancee. "I want to marry someone pure and good, someone I can be proud of as the mother of my children."

As a right thinking, "nonsense- annihilating" woman of today, you should have the strength to reply "Listen, you son of a b*tch, I'm still pure and good. And I will be a great mum to my kids, except that no way will they be yours, now that I realize what an idiot you are!"

Or perhaps not.

Many of you would beg your fiancees' forgiveness, reassuring them that it was only that one time when you made a "horrible mistake" of sleeping with somebody else and that you certainly won't do it again. And if he can manage to overlook this, then you will be the best wife and mother in the whole wide world.

And you know what? If you were lucky, he would say no. He would continue to be close- minded and self- righteous. Then you would have gotten over him far more quickly, rather than -heaven forbid!- you marry him on his terms, just because he was gracious enough to "forgive" your transgressions. Because if you did marry him, you would spend the rest of your married life trying to make up for your transgression.

Sayang, when you could be a gorgeous, glorious bride instead of an apologetic, grateful one. Sayang, when you could be screaming in ecstasy in bed together instead of crying alone in your bed. Sayang, when all because you didn't bother to examine his secret (and unfortunately common) hypothesis that a non- virgin is to be rejected instead of loved for who she is - or that a non- virgin can be a wife, but only if she never forgets her place.

But the most important factor in this scenario is your failure to examine and re- evaluate your own unfortunate hypothesis: that being married to a Neanderthal like that is better than not being married at all.

- Snookums, should've told you this personally. Sorry, chicken talaga ako eh. Was afraid that you might hurl the Cuervo bottle at me. Hehehe. Seriously, think about it. Hugs. -


At 6:56 AM, Blogger Bryan Anthony the First said...

My goodness...very sad to hear that such specie still exist.


Vodka anyone??

At 11:44 AM, Blogger psyche said...

While we want to honor the principles of the one we love, i think it would be wiser if we honor ourselves first. Its really terrible for somebody to reject you that way, but don't let it get to you. While it is always human to be hurt once in awhile, it is also imperative to rise up from it. Rejections are ephemeral when you dont let them get the best out of u.

A person who can not appreciate you now, will now appreciate you tomorrow. and chances are, they never will. You do not deserve a guy like that.

Be happy :) sure link me up!

At 11:57 AM, Blogger rex said...

^^ totoo ba to? may ganyan pa bang lalaki in this day and age? hehe..

it's hard to open up the minds of uhm, close-minded people. so i guess whoever this guy is, he's a good riddance. you dont want to spend the rest of your lifetime arguing with him over the silliest of things, right?

haay, hope everything will be fine..

At 8:24 PM, Anonymous inday said...

wow i cannot believe there is still a men like that who is so conserved. that's like so yucky yah...i mean nowadays all the girls is does it with their boyfriends. but anyway what i doesnt understanding is why the men like that wants a virgin are they also a virgins? i doesnt think so....hayyyy....

At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Gladys said...

Shouldn't they have shared each other's past before they get to the point of marriage? In any case, if the dumbass guy is a virgin himself, maybe he has a right to demand it from the girl. But if he's not, then he's a bigot that should be shot to death before he contaminates another person.

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Jigs said...

Haaaay, just a disappointing person. I know i'm not in the position to say anything but I find it hard to believe na a guy nowadays is like that.

Annnnywaaaay, goodluck nalang and take care. :)


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