Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wanna see what's inside a go- see?

I love what I do.

I get to see beautiful people, ogle them and talk to them, all in the name of so- called journalism.

I sit down and wait for fine specimens of humanity to walk in. One of the first to arrive is a guy named Chris and his friend Derek. Derek is an American, with jet- black hair and deep set eyes, his voice is just as compelling as his looks are. Chris had longish, F4-esque hair; he plops himself into a sofa and passes the minutes chatting Derek up.

The other models arrive. Some are scrumptious, some have the X- factor (a term so common in the modeling world and yet, no one can really give an accurate definition), some are elegant; some are pants- dropping gorgeous. A few of them puzzle me, however. I wonder, "How in the name of all that is holy, did you become a model?" But I resist. All of them are taller than me, and can very easily beat me to a bloody pulp with one swift kick of their designer boots or stilettos. Plus, I admit it; this is one business where style counts more than substance.

I digress. The waiting room for this go- see (the term used by the modeling industry to refer to an audition) quickly fills up. The call time is 2:30, but even after 3:30 PM, steady trickles of hopefuls still find their way into the office. Everyone must fill up a little slip of paper asking for their name, contact number and agency if any. Most of the models tote their portfolios and comp cards (postcards with a collage of their photos), and are dressed to the nines. The girls are more elegant than the guys, who seem to be clad in either suits or grubby jeans.

The minutes tick by, and everyone becomes more and more impatient. Some of them, like Chris and Derek, have been here since the call time. It's now past 4 PM and the tiny waiting room slowly but surely fills up with hot air, both literally and figuratively. I spot a delicious looking fella named Sean, bespectacled and in a tight, gray cotton shirt and black trousers. He's tall, with baby- soft hair and a smile that should come with a warning label. I give him a questionnaire to fill out, and his voice drips like forbidden honey. "Do you have a pen?” he asks. Silently, I fish one out of my bag and hand it to him.

I move down the line, a look of dreamy content plastered over my face as I hand the rest of them the same questionnaire. So for the next 20 minutes, I’m adrift in a sea of my own estrogen.

Female models idly read magazines, touch- up their make- up, look at their nails or chat with each other. Most of these faces are familiar, seen in TV adverts or print- ads or maybe even one or two ramp shows.

I’d finally gotten the image of Sean-With-The-Baby-Soft-Hair out of my mind when he taps me on the shoulder, and hands me his questionnaire.

With regards to this questionnaire, I have to say that God is just. Whatever you lack in one department, He showers you with excessively in another. Half an hour later, and most of them are on question number three. Four ask me if they can e-mail or fax it instead because the questions are too hard. I glance at the paper again, bewildered at their responses. Did I ask about the Pythagorean Theorem? The solution to an X- file? The teachings of Lao Tzu? Hardly.

Well, at least there’s still justice in this world.

Two hours have passed and finally, the clients are ready to view their prospects. One by one they come in and walk a total of maybe 10 feet. Some hand in their portfolios and set cards, but more often than not, they aren’t even glanced at. With a nod and a thank you, they’re dismissed.

Hmm, two hours’ wait and all you do is walk 10 feet, then leave. Did I fail to mention on this particular afternoon that it’s raining outside and the hellish traffic has started to build up?

I’ll say it again – I love what I do.

- Stoked. -


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Jigs said...

LOL! Ang saya naman ng post na ito. I dont exactly know what you do but it seems like youre in the fashion business or advertising. You get to see gorgeous people everyday! and its good to know that your IQ is 100 points higher than theirs! LOL! joke! But thinking that way is a confidence booster when youre surrounded by beutiful people! Dont worry beautiful ka din naman! NAKS! LOL!

At 7:33 PM, Blogger p said...

maybe you can tell us what sort of questions were so difficult for them to answer

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you in the fashion business?


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