Thursday, August 19, 2004


Today's Thursday.

I don't feel so good.

I should be happy.

I should be in love.

But, I'm not.

Really, I need to find someone who can heal my mind.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Movie movie!

Go see M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village". It'll blow ya away.
Adrien Brody's acting kicks ass. Yun lang.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

If you can't beat 'em,, join 'em...

Yep, that's right, my very own blog. It'll be quite diff'rent from the other blogs you've visited. Mine will be full of nonsense one-liners, ridiculous ideas and maybe, just maybe, plausible thoughts.

So kick back, relax and let my words somehow move you.

---- I'm not a writer nor a poet. A sarcastic comic, that's me -- It's what I do best. ----

You know you're in love when....

You are in love when...

You pretend to ignore that person...
But when that someone is not around, you look around to find them.
At that moment, you are in love.

Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh, your eyes and attention go only to that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

When your phone rings or your mobile phone beeps and you hope it's him/ her.
Then, you're in love.

When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the messages in your answering machine
because of one message from that special someone,you are in love.

You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend", but you realize that you cannot avoid that person's special attraction.
At that moment, you are in love.

/me sighs... rainy days.. rainy days.. lalalala


rainy days brings out the best and worst in me.. 'nuff said...