Thursday, June 29, 2006

The bitter and the sweet

My buddy and I had just downed our usual Wednesday -night Johnny Black double neats and then he suddenly asked me:

“Tell me, Teepsee, could it have turned out any other way?”

Neither one of us have to explain. We both know what “it” means.

“Well, aside from the obvious reason….” [Laughs]

“No, seriously…”

“Maybe if I was older and more mature, things would have been different. I could have put more on the line. But, I’m not older and more mature, so I guess things happened precisely the way they were meant to.”

“Still angry?”

“Err, I don’t know. I’m not sure. Ask me again sometime, say, after a month.” [Laughs]

“Bitter ka pa rin. [Laughs]. Will you ever regret it?”

“Honestly, the pain almost killed me, but no, there’s nothing to regret. Best learning experience ‘yun eh, in a way, a blessing as well.”

“That’s sweet.”

“Hahaha! Well, y’know what? It was one of the most important events of my life. I won’t trade that experience for anything – not even for a happy ending.”

“Really now…”

“Wait, did I just say that?” [Laughs]

“That sounded smart…”

Lasing ka lang…”

“No kaya, it came out naturally, it sounded…. Uhmm, what’s the word… Sincere. There."

“Well then... Yeah, not even for a happy ending …”

- These times are the worst. Damn it all to hell. *Sighs* -

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still Alive

June, month eight.

Less self- destructive.

Still with catatonic tendencies.

I like the way Pink Floyd so greatly put it: comfortably numb.

That's exactly how I feel right now.

The worst has happened, what else could life throw in my face?

Next month, I'll probably still be half- insane.

But definitely, definitely, definitely - I'll still be here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

"Smiling face"

One of the reasons why I ditched my mobile phone is because I don't want to be involved in a "nakakairitang pag- uusap" katulad ng ganito...

Guy: Nagbibiro lang ako nu'n...

Girl: Pa'no ko malalaman na nagbibiro ka lang nu'n, eh hindi mo naman nilagyan ng "U" na may umlaut sa dulo...

Guy: "U" na may umlaut?

Girl: Oo, yung "U" na may umlaut? Yung smiling face? At 'wag kang magpalusot na bulok ang model ng telepono mo't wala kang character na gano'n...

Guy: Wala nga...

Girl: Pwede ba...

Guy: Totoo, wala nga...

Girl: Eh 'di sana gumawa ka ng paraan, pwede namang "open parenthesis tapos colon" or "open parenthesis dash colon" kung gusto mong may ilong. (Hihirit yung guy) O,o,o, huwag mong sabihing wala ka pa rin nu'n...

Guy: Meron...

Girl: O, see? Wala akong paki kung jolog ang cellphone mo, ang akin lang sana gumawa ka ng paraan para hindi tayo nauuwi sa mga nakakairitang pag- uusap dahil ang labo mo!

Guy: Ang labo ko?! Tama na, kumakain tayo. (Pabulong) Ako pa'ng malabo...

Girl: Oo ikaw! Hindi ko malaman kung serious ka, galit o nagbibiro! Nasaktan ako nu'ng na- receive ko 'yung text dahil 'kala ko seryoso ka tapos ngayon sasabihin mong nagbibiro ka lang?

Guy: (Raises his voice) Eh sa wala nga ako nung "U" na may umlaut!

Girl: Ah basta, hindi ka gumawa ng paraan!

See what I mean? =p

Thursday, June 22, 2006

All about lurrve!

This was sent to me by a friend thru email, since wala akong ma- post, papatulan ko na 'to. Hahaha! I think I've read this somewhere though. I think it's from Tita K's old blog. Oh well, anyhoo....

Are you single, married, or taken?

Are you in love at the moment?
Infatuated. So high school. Hahaha!


Have you ever had a bad relationship?
Oh yeah. But then I don't look at it as a bad experience, I look at it as a life experience.

How old were you when you started dating?
Serial dating, college.

Are you unpredictable?

Girls are unpredictable by nature.

Do you like surprises?
No, mahina ang puso ko eh. Hehehe. I like surprising people though. The looks on their faces are priceless.

You think friends can become lovers?
Been there, done that.

You think lovers can become friends?
They were people whom I was in contact with through a certain set of circumstances, and whom in any other set of circumstances I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. That happened, you move on.

Have you ever had an ex you wanted to kill?
Kill? No naman, Hampasin ng 2x2, marami.

How is she/he now?
He sent me an email a couple of days ago, he's in Boston na daw and will be having a baby by the end of the year. I was like, "Eh ano ngayon sa akin, tinatanong ko ba?" The nerve.

What is your message for him/her?
Dude, get over yourself.

Have you ever been hurt?
Who doesn't?

Have you ever hurt anyone?
Unfortunately, yeah.

Do you forgive and forget?
Forget muna, tapos let's see kung mapatawad kita.

Is love lovelier the second time around?
Angela Bofill, is that you?

Fling or long term relationships?
Err, next!

Are you easy to be loved?
My mum says I'm lovable daw.

Are you a good friend?
Hmm, seasonal friend ako eh. Go figure.

Are you sociable?
Depends on my mood.

Do you try to please everyone?
I'm willing to please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but I ain't gonna please all of the people all of the time.

Do you want everyone to like you?

What's the shortest relationship you've been in?
A month.

What would you want to say to that special person?
Thanks for the advice and I'm sure it'll do, for the negative d*ckheads just like you.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sayang... ?

Say you've been discussing wedding arrangements with your fiancee for the past three months. And all of a sudden, he doesn't want to even know you anymore. You cannot, for the life of you figure out why, until he tells you it's because he found out that you're no longer a virgin.

"What difference does it make?" You ask. "I'm still the same person you wanted to marry."

"No, you aren't," says your fiancee. "I want to marry someone pure and good, someone I can be proud of as the mother of my children."

As a right thinking, "nonsense- annihilating" woman of today, you should have the strength to reply "Listen, you son of a b*tch, I'm still pure and good. And I will be a great mum to my kids, except that no way will they be yours, now that I realize what an idiot you are!"

Or perhaps not.

Many of you would beg your fiancees' forgiveness, reassuring them that it was only that one time when you made a "horrible mistake" of sleeping with somebody else and that you certainly won't do it again. And if he can manage to overlook this, then you will be the best wife and mother in the whole wide world.

And you know what? If you were lucky, he would say no. He would continue to be close- minded and self- righteous. Then you would have gotten over him far more quickly, rather than -heaven forbid!- you marry him on his terms, just because he was gracious enough to "forgive" your transgressions. Because if you did marry him, you would spend the rest of your married life trying to make up for your transgression.

Sayang, when you could be a gorgeous, glorious bride instead of an apologetic, grateful one. Sayang, when you could be screaming in ecstasy in bed together instead of crying alone in your bed. Sayang, when all because you didn't bother to examine his secret (and unfortunately common) hypothesis that a non- virgin is to be rejected instead of loved for who she is - or that a non- virgin can be a wife, but only if she never forgets her place.

But the most important factor in this scenario is your failure to examine and re- evaluate your own unfortunate hypothesis: that being married to a Neanderthal like that is better than not being married at all.

- Snookums, should've told you this personally. Sorry, chicken talaga ako eh. Was afraid that you might hurl the Cuervo bottle at me. Hehehe. Seriously, think about it. Hugs. -

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I know, I know this one's so shallow

I got this from Inday's blog. I was laughing my ass off after reading this:

thanks to benj, rhon, el, kassey, teepsee and clueless for leavinged me a comments. It is a very nice part of you. You are all touch me so very deeply. Lol.

Now I’m answer your questions or comments:

Teepsee - You are gived to me a best compliments because you are called me a “miracles”. You touch me so well. (Don’t urine)

Inday, isa ka talagang himala!

Hahaha! Laugh trip.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Close, closer, closest

Last Saturday, after a couple of glasses of Vodka - Red Bull, popped a pill, Bonnie Bailey was singing, thoughts running through my head....

"'Cause life is a pleasure with you by my side..."

I used to think that the intimacy we shared was all a lie.

"And there ain't no current in this river we can't ride..."

But I realize now that whatever it was we had then was special and real at that time.

" I still believe in ever after with you..."

At one point, I guess, I have to stop asking questions and just be happy for that moment.

"You are my twisted sunshine."

I can listen to it now over and over again without saltwater coming from my eyes.

Talk about progress, dude.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ego A Go Go

Where were you when you stole my pride?
Did you ever get the feeling that someone died
Hide away in your ivory tower
And cover me in your golden shower

Did I make you laugh when I played the clown?
And was I the dog that bit you when you put it down
Break it nicely break it slow
Break it so I've got no place to go

Ego a go go now you've gone solo
Living on a memory
Where've you been lately?
And do you still hate me
Could you offer an apology?

And here's another thing....

Where were you when the party ended?
Were you stitching up the wounds that you thought I need mending
Wonderlands have crashed to the ground
The circus is gone all that's left is the clowns

Did I break your heart when I stole your thunder?
Was there woodworm in the table your feet are under?
Break it nicely break it slow
Break it until I've got no place to go

Turn away
Fade to grey
I hope you've strayed
And got laid!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Shameless Plugging 2 details


Featuring Mark Doyle (The man who developed the Hed Kandi label) & Bonnie Bailey (Yes, the voice behind the uber gasgas na hit "Ever After") on live vocals
with Anton Ramos (The Chill Out Project Series)

June 10, 2006 * World Trade Center * 9PM till late

VIP Tables: 10k & 12K for 8 pax & 2 Bottles of Vodka

Pls call 7238673 or 7262523, look for Tess & Jonah

Ticket Prices: Php800 // Pre-selling @ Php600 available at:
Folded & Hung, Music One, Tower Records & O Music Stores and Blue Facets Jewelry Unit 216 2nd Floor, The Jewellery Arcade Greenhills Shopping Center 1502 San Juan, Metro Manila

O pano, kita-kits!