Thursday, August 31, 2006

Party Amplified

It’s time for something fresh.
It’s time for something new.
It’s time to test your taste.

Jack Daniel’s, the world’s best whiskey, and Big Ben Collective, Manila's Taste Makers, give you a distinctive party experience.

Friends of Jack and BBC present: DJ Treva Whateva
One of the finest DJs from the world’s most respected Funk and Soul label: Ninja Tune.

Treva Whateva brings his own brand of rhythm-driven beats to blow the roof off Manila as he whips out eclectic work from his Music’s Made of Memories LP. Let's make some memories in the company of good friends, with quality music and the World’s Best Whiskey.

September 8, 2006 (Friday)
Fiamma Bar and Restaurant (Jupiter St., Bel- Air Makati) 9pm

Also featuring: a SouLounge set by BBC's Mike Constantino.

For inquiries, email

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Monday, August 07, 2006

One good senseless post

After three weeks of busting my ass off at work, I just feel like ranting....

In anything creative, it’s trial and error. People who don’t work in the creative end think that it’s all a whole lot more planned out than it is. But really it’s informed experiment – experimenting, but with a lot of experience. The theory being that you know that a lot of things won’t work out, but you try to narrow your experiments down so that you work in a reasonably narrow band where things have a good shot at succeeding.

Around me, it is understood that if you work with people who are artists and writers, you might be able to enhance, but you can’t change what’s fundamentally there. It’s ridiculous to try and impose whatever you’re getting that’s interesting from them. It’s our own formula, so don’t mess with it. You can’t do a top down accountant’s job on your writer’s method, or insist that while she’s still in the office, her nose is attached permanently to the word processor. If your writer has only four hours’ worth of creative energy in the tank, that’s all you’re going to get, no point in trying to get more.

Okay, so I have a short attention span, but people who live off their wits create themselves as they go along. “Creative” can be shorthand for “I couldn’t be bothered to do this and wanted to watch TV.” Often people who are too lazy to use their intelligence are creative. Often people who don’t have a work ethic are creative. But they work within that. A short attention span can be interpreted as not being clever, but sometimes it’s absolutely the opposite. The girl in class who can’t sit still is often the one who’s so clever she’s thinking, “I can’t sit in here all day, I’ve got to get up and do something.” In my case, it’s the magpie mind flitting from thing to thing.

Y'see, to get the best out of creative people, you take them at their own pace and you don’t burn them out. You remain sensitive to how much they can take.

These days, I work with people who understand what makes me tick, but it still rankles that some don’t.

- Elegantly wasted. -