Monday, November 28, 2005

War Of Nerves

More than angry words
I hate this silence
It's getting so loud

Well, I want to scream
But bitterness has silenced these emotions

It's getting hard to breathe
So, tell me isn't happiness worth more than a platinum Charriol ring?

I'm willing to do anything
To calm the storm in my heart

I've never been the praying kind
But lately I've been down upon my knees

I'm not looking for a miracle
Just a reason to believe....

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Decieving Is Believing

I'm much too young to be cynical,

It's you that makes me miserable

Can you tell a lie through a smile?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


It's not my problem anymore
You see it never really was
So you can stop "caring" as you call it
And I'll be fine right here

You see that I can play a pretty convincing role
So I don't need you,
I don't think I need you

But you see through my forever lies
And you are not believing
And I see in your forever eyes
That you are forever healing

You can't hear what I'm not saying
And I can hold out long enough
Treading water I keep from sinking
I'm not one for reaching

Deny myself, deny my heart
Deny your hand, deny your help
And you offer me eternity but why should I buy that?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Devil Inside

Everybody wants me to be their angel
Everybody wants something they can cradle
They don't know I burn

Maybe there's a devil, or something like it, inside of me
There's a devil, somewhere really deep inside me

You don't know 'cause you're too busy reading labels
You're missing all the action underneath my table
I'm waiting for my turn

Time to make it burn
This is how I burn...

Saturday, November 05, 2005

No Regrets

Tell me a story
Where we all change
And we'd live our lives together
And not enstranged

I didn't lose my mind it was mine to give away
Couldn't stay to watch me cry
You didn't have the time
So I softly slip away

No regrets, they don't work
No regrets, they only hurt
Sing me a love song, drop me a line
Suppose it's just a point of view
But they tell me I'm doing fine

I know from the outside
We looked good for each other
Felt things were going wrong when
You didn't like my mother
I don't want to hate but that's all you've left me with
A bitter aftertaste and a fantasy of how we all could live

I know they're still talking
The demons in your head
If I could just stop hating you
I'd feel sorry for us instead

Remember the photographs insane
The ones where we all laughed so lame
We were having the time of our lives
Well thank you, it was a real blast

Everything I wanted to be
Everytime I walked away
Everytime you told me to leave, I just wanted to stay
Every time you looked at me and everytime you smiled
I felt so vacant you treated me like a child

I loved the way we used to laugh
I loved the way we used to smile
Often I sit down and think of you for a while
Then it passes me by, I think of someone else instead
I guess the love we once had is officially dead...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Do I still feel jealousy when you're free without me?
Do I still feel that my love will stay with you forever?

You surround yourself with trinkets like they're meaningful possessions
Like some squirrel in the garden with expensive permutations,
They'll outlive you in the end, will be your final realisation

As we search our lives forever for perfection in relations
I can dream of love and scheme of love with all its complications,
Ideals are fine for beauty but for love they fool relations

I'm leaving, I'm moving on...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Shall Believe

Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe

I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe

That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe, I shall believe...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

So Far Away

In the coldest time of year, darkness all around my heart

I was alone but didn't fear, to wander in the light of stars

In the bright and silent night, winds would knock and disappear

Still I felt the feeling near, like the first time you were ever here

You're so far away, so far away, you left me, you told me you would stay

You never said goodbye, and I keep asking why, I keep on asking how, come unto me now

I have breathed the morning air, I have heard the four winds blow

I was weary but prepared to follow down this lonely road

In the room where lovers sleep, winds would knock and disappear

Still I felt the music near, like the first time we were ever here....

- It's time to place your bets in life, I've played the loser's game of life. I'll just dream about the sun... -